The Issue

For every 4 skilled workers that leave the construction industry, only 1 is entering the field.

As everyone in our industry knows, the construction trades are suffering daily from the lack of skilled workers. At the current attrition rate, when the next two generations of tradesmen/women retire in 40 years there will be virtually no one to train. This fact not only affects the trades as an industry, but ultimately the consumer and the future of our society.

What are we going to do about this pressing issue?

SCALT (South Carolina Association of Licensed Trades) is the state association representing the licensed trades, with members from all aspects of the industry, including education, codes officials, inspectors, utilities, equipment distributors, and contractors. Their primary goal is to make the indoor environmental contracting businesses more profitable and professional, and ultimately, maintain the highest standards of customer safety and service. Not having an adequately trained and available labor force has been an issue for many years and is vitally important to the industry. Therefore, the “Ride and Decide” program for all students in the area is an effort to allow junior and senior high school students to try the trades and see if the fields were a fit for their futures.